We do things
the fun way.

Our Values


Excellence demonstrates truth and virtue through effort. Excellence demands a vigorous commitment to fulfilling every task in such a way as to clearly exhibit its worth. We believe that education is worthy of our commitment to excellence, and we aim to assist students in developing personal commitments to excellence for both present and future endeavors.

Integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. We strive to maintain our integrity no matter what, and to foster integrity and commitment in our students.

We feel family goes beyond bloodlines, last names or obligations. To us, the word ‘family’ includes all the people in our lives who commit to love and support us unconditionally.  At Funway, family is whoever you can depend on for support, to laugh with, to play with, and to share the challenges and rewards of life with.

Letter From the Principal        ​​​​​​

"Love your neighbors as yourself" has been my motto since I was young, and my motivation for founding Funway was to incorporate love into education which I noticed was lacking in the educational system. 

At Funway, our vision is to cultivate creative, globally-minded students with proficiency in English. We strive to not only facilitate language acquisition but also to help students develop a clear understanding of their passion so that they will impact the world someday. We have been achieving our goals by honoring our values, partnering with outstanding teachers, and working closely with families. 
We have thoughtfully and methodically designed our curriculum to address each aspect of our objectives for our students. For more detailed information, please visit the ​Academics page.

We hope you take the tim​e to act on your interest in Funway by taking advantage of our One-Day Pass program where your student can experience our program for themselves.

Warmest regards,
Mr. Won W. Bae
Founder and Principal

Company History

·    2024

Implementation of the "Let's spread the word about Funway!" marketing campaign. Commencement of season special courses for further development of creative global talents.

·    2017

Produced several creative, globally talented students. Started operation of expanded language institute.

·    2016

Selected as the best English academy for kids in Korea by Asia Economics TV. Appearance on "Yoon Taejin's Eye Lineup" broadcast on Asia Economics TV.

·    2015

Completed development of twice weekly, five-year-long native-like fluency ESL program.

·    2014

Completed development of "by children, for children" entry-level Enlgish Efficiency Study program.  Elementary English academy and kids cafe commenced operation.

·    2012

Foundation of the first American Homestay concept kid's cafe in Korea.

·    2010

Inception of the completely unique "by children, for children" American Homestay concept.

Accredidations and Affiliations