Interactive learning.

Our Curriculum

English Efficiency Study (EES)

English Efficiency Study is our unique curriculum that guides students from the most basic principles of English through increasingly advanced subjects. We call it “efficient” because our curriculum doesn’t waste time on activities that don’t contribute to our students’ advancement.

Core Objectives
In English Efficiency Study, we strive to teach by 
 putting a strong emphasis on six central skills of the English language:
Systematic Methodology
We emphasize these skills in a systematic manner,
in a time tested system that has provably delivered results:

Family Time (FT)

While learning English skills is important, an equally important aspect is utilizing the language in a social setting. That's why we have incorporated group activities, called Family Time, to foster engagement and social interaction using English.

Individual Learning (IL)

Growing English skills through individual study is a core tenent of our educational philosophy. Students will have an opportunity to take their studies as far as they are willing, and really use and understand the skills learned in the classroom.

Student Management

Here at Funway, we pride ourselves on individually monitoring student's progress as they continue through our curriculum. We take a proactive approach to identify problems, and come up with creative solutions for each student.